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Mercosur’s Beef Production Figures up in 2012


In the region, all the beef exporting countries had motives to be proud, except Argentina.

Brasil: Between Sept 2011 and Sept 2012 exports grew 7% respect 2011 and reached 1,4 million tonnes. Exports represent 20% of Brazil’s production.

Paraguay: Had an exports record with USD1,154 million, 23% higher than same period the former year, which was a record too with 940 million dollars. It is worth mentioning that the Paraguayan husbandry had an outbreak in Sept 2011 which paralised partially its exports.

Uruguay: By 22nd Dec 2012 its exports were 362 thousand tonnes, 10% above same period the former year when the shipments represented 328 thousand tonnes. These exports meant USD1340 million, 6.5% on top of last year. INAC, 2013.

Argentina: The worst of them all. During the first 11 months of the year, 202 thousand tonnes were exported. That is 18% less than same period last year. It has been the worst performance since 2001 when the FMD drew away most of the international clients. The sales to the international market represent less than 8% of the total production.

To continue pinpointing the cow – calf system, the Brazilian government will implement a credit line on March 1st for R$2million to promote a better cattle farming development aiming to recover eroded salaries, health and genetic improvement. It is to remark that the interest rate for this credit line will be of 5.5%, unthinkable in economies like the Argentinean, where inflation multiplies by five the financial rates.


A frozen shipment from JBS Brazil proved positive for Salmonella, informed the Russian Vet and Phytosanitary Supervision Service (Rosselkhoznadzor). JBS is still waiting for more information from the Rosselkhoznadzor before undertaking an in depth investigation.

They are closely following the procedures established by the National Plan for the Control of Residues in Meats and the results of the Salmonella tests carried out as part of this plan. The shipment supposedly containing Salmonella originated in Goias.

The Russian Agency has decided not to embargo JBS shipments, but pointed that they’d warn the Brazilian authorities about any failure in adhering to the Russian requirements.

The Brazilian Government studies filing a claim to the WTO due to the restrictions on its beef exports imposed by six countries after the detection of an atypical case of BSE, informed yesterday the Secretary of Foreign Commerce. The Government is evaluating which measures to adopt in face of the decision of banning imports from Brazil, and ultimately, they will open a case in the WTO.

Japan, China, South Africa, Peru, Chile and Saudi Arabia have applied restrictions to the Brazilian beef.  Egypt is to define shortly.

This measure, would only affect 4.4% of the exports. Chile was the largest importer among those countries with 62,600 tons between Jan – Nov 2012.

The animal in question was a 13 yr old cow grass-fed, destined to reproduction in the State of Paraná, never developed BSE but was positive in the protein test. According to the WHO, Brazil is a country with negligible risk for BSE. .