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Experts gather to learn about British meat exports

July 2, 2015

Speaking at the AHDB Meat Export conference at Stoneleigh in Warwickshire earlier this week, Garnier said while there were plenty of opportunities in the future of exporting British meat, they did not come without challenges. “I think at the moment we have a temporary issue with the strength of sterling against the euro,” said Garnier.

However, in light of this “temporary” issue, he remained optimistic. “We believe there is still a future with premium beef. We’re selling high-quality beef. We’re getting experience selling lamb.”

The UK exports 40% of its lamb production, and is now the only country producing the meat profitably.

Despite this, Garnier believes that we need to see more lamb cuts. “We need to become more creative in sheep products. This is something that can be achieved by producing a variety of unconventional lamb foods. Burgers and sausages using lamb meat instead of beef will create further promotion and increase popularity.”

via Experts gather to learn about British meat exports – MeatInfo.

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