Randall Parker Food Group

The Randall Parker Food Group is an impressive group of companies with an exceptional reputation for quality, experience and choice within meat supply throughout the world.

We are committed to providing the finest meat products to you and your customer and our experience enables us to understand all your requirements.

Randall Parker Food Group

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Randall Parker Food Group

Weddel Swift Wholesale Meat Offal


As the cost of protein production rises it becomes evermore important to maximise returns of the 5th quarter products. Offal and 5th Quarter products now make up a considerable portion of our basket, while mainly for our international customers we are also seeing growth within the EU. Due to the diverse nature of our business and direct access to multiple markets we are able to offer producers a secure and reliable supply route for their offal products,  using years of international experience and partnerships developed through higher value trade to more lucrative markets.

At Weddel Swift we understand that there is no such thing as a low value item, and we understand that specification, packaging and quality is important regardless of the cost of the product. We realise that to add value to your business we need to be able to supply across the full spectrum of products all sold with the same care and attention to detail that has kept us in this business for over a century.

We are buying offal and 5th Quarter products from across our supplier portfolio, Sheep and Beef Hearts from New Zealand and Australia, chicken skins and backs from the EU and South America, and pork offals from Canada and the USA. We are able to supply Halal products for processors and manufacturers, all of our products will be supplied with full documentation as required.

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