Randall Parker Food Group

The Randall Parker Food Group is an impressive group of companies with an exceptional reputation for quality, experience and choice within meat supply throughout the world.

We are committed to providing the finest meat products to you and your customer and our experience enables us to understand all your requirements.

Randall Parker Food Group

Contact: +44 (0) 151 949 4400 or email us at sales@weddelswift.com

Randall Parker Food Group

Weddel Swift Wholesale Meat Chicken


The international poultry market can be very challenging, high volumes, tight margins and instability all contribute to an often confusing picture. Through our experience and established partnerships we are able to provide support and guidance for our customers, allowing us to deliver the right product at the right time from anywhere in the world.

For our suppliers we provide accurate market information from local markets around the world, giving them direct access to end-users in a wide variety of locations. For our customers we are able to source  from trusted, quality suppliers, providing a conduit to some of the world’s biggest meat producers. Our diverse nature allows us to react quickly to ever-changing market conditions, giving our partners accurate detailed information when they need it.

We are active in all the major poultry producing nations, and some of the smaller ones. We are actively sourcing large volumes of cuts, whole birds and offals from South America, Europe, the Far East, USA and Canada for both our UK and international customers.

We are able to source and supply Halal slaughtered product for all our customers, we adhere to the strict Islamic regulations in place and will be able to provide full certification according to the customer’s requirements.

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