Wholesale Meat Suppliers to the Trade

As experienced wholesale meat suppliers, Weddel Swift are active in sourcing and selling meat throughout the world with branches in the UK, Australia and South America. We now belong to the Randall Parker Food Group which incorporates the UK Meat Wholesaler, Weddel Swift Distribution.

For over a century, Weddel Swift has occupied a prominent position in the global meat trade supplying the food service, manufacturing, retail and wholesale meat markets.

What we do

From our specialised trading office in Nelson, Lancashire we are able to offer UK caterers, wholesalers and retailers a full range of meat products. Sourcing internationally and from within the UK we are able to identify and supply the right products for our trade customers.

Using the same set of skills and values that has established our business foundations in the United Kingdom, we are able, through our international offices, to supply trade meat to local markets with an equal level of service for all of their meat product requirements.

Product Range

Weddel Swift Ltd is currently sourcing and supplying a comprehensive selection of food products for world markets.

Our global reputation enables our customers to gain access to the major meat producing countries, opening the gateway to a world of choice and as expert wholesale meat suppliers to the trade, we are proud to be at the forefront of this.


Weddel Swift has achieved a prominent position in the UK wholesale meat trade and are the meat suppliers of choice for butcher shops, catering butchers, manufacturers, Cash & Carrys and food service.


The vital importance of controlling valuable goods is fully understood, we are able to store, ship and distribute in house.

Our experienced and skilled logistics team are able to react quickly and efficiently to all manner of situations enabling our customers to receive the best quality of service as required.

Weddel Swift Trading