Procurement of the best products is only half of the story; it must be shipped, imported and delivered at the correct time and temperature.

We have a highly experienced team that looks after all these aspects and keeps our customers fully informed.

As barriers to the global trade in agricultural products are gradually removed, we are confident of continuing expansion.

It is our goal to bring greater choice and variety to our UK meat consumers with strong emphasis on traceability, quality and animal welfare.

  • Full traceability allows us to control all factors which define the quality of meat.
  • BRC Approved
  • Members of IMTA
  • All meat sourced from BRC approved cold stores throughout Europe
  • Third country products shipped with the most reliable and reputable shipping lines
  • Direct On-line contact with HMRC CHIEF system and Port Health systems
  • All meat sourced from BRC and high standard animal welfare producers
Weddel Swift Trading