Firm expectations for UK beef and sheep prices

Firm expectations for UK beef and sheep prices

YET another global prospects report indicates beef and sheep prices are likely to remain firm in 2012.

Demand from the emerging economies is helping to support the market, according to the latest International Meat Market Review, published by AHDB’s market intelligence division for Eblex and Bpex.

On beef, the report says all major producing countries saw prices increase last year to levels well ahead of 2010. It is likely prices will prevail through 2012, alongside some modest recovery in production volumes of beef and veal.

It is much the same with lamb – tight supplies set against rising demand in emerging economies.

“Prices should remain firm in 2012, if not quite reaching the heights recorded at some points in 2011,” said AHDB senior analyst Debbie Butcher.

Not surprisingly, as a result of this optimistic outlook, there should be some re-building of the global sheep flock.

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