Let’s get the World in Motion

It’s surprising when you delve through your drawers what you find! – lost photographs

During the heady Spring of 1990, while the rest of the country was dancing to New Kids on the Block and rapping with John Barnes and New Order, Weddel Swift trader Iain Scott and the rest of the team at the Preston Depot (now merged with Rochdale) took it upon themselves to help a local charity for handicapped children.

It was the annual River Ribble Raft Race on the spring bank holiday where lots of homemade rafts raced from Ribchester to the mouth of the Ribble – which was some  14 Miles. The boys spent  6 weeks building the raft from old meat pallets and plastic drums and were very proud of the finished article. On the day they were able to use the Swift wagon for transport to the start.

Unfortunately they only managed to get about 500 metres down the river before the drums came away from the pallets and unfortunately the raft sank, soaking wet; but with the help of New Zealand Lamb we managed to raise a sum of £314 for the charity.