Paraguay working hard to eradicate FMD

SENACSA will start sampling FMD virus at country level in June, to determinate virus absence.

Howerver the effort the country has made in controlling and eradicating the virus has proven positive so far, the concern about the outbreaks origins is still there. The bordering countries authorities have prompted Paraguay to carry out the actions recommended by the international organisations in order to recover its Free from FMD with Vaccination status.

The samplng will detect viral circulation in the country, and the PANAFTOSA is the organisation in charge of designing the sampling model, with a strong intervention of the región bloc. The PAMA (Mercosur Free from FMD Programme) and the SENACSA will audit the sampling, and a Committee has been created by Panaftosa to follow up all what is to be done.

The OIE is assembled in Paris till Friday 25th May and they will evaluate a note in which the COSALFA is asking that the American countries views are taken into account, since these countries consider that their eradication plans have had important achievements and that the FAO strategy for the progressive control of the disease is not applicable to the region.  The  American countries have worked in FMD eradication well ahead than the FAO proposal, for which this should be applied to other continents, but not to SA.

América has kept the whole of Central America free from FMD and it was eradicated in North America in 1950, having had notorious improvements in the free from the disease áreas of SA.