Uruguay cattle prices higher and stable

The industry press to adjust prices down and farmers resist.

As anticipated, the market is heading for a gradual decline. Although the industry persists in order to adjust to the low prices maintained a significant demand.

The producer resists prices going down, supported by favorable climate and good forage situation, therefore, they regulate their offer.

The export steers were traded between USD3.70 and USD3.75 per kilo, while the lightweight ones between USD3.65 and USD3.70 per kilo in second scale.

Moreover, for the cow is easier to close deals and prices range from USD3.50 to USD3.55 per kilo. The Cattle Shippers Association (GCA) the steer fell a cent to USD3.73, and the cow remained at USD3.53.

In sheep the operation is locked, the sharp drop given by the industry is pulling down prices. The lamb is around USD3.30 per kilo and sheep at USD2.45.

The industry continues to head prices down, but it is being difficult to close deals. Consequently, plants are short in their charges, which range from three to four days.

In the replacement market, with lower supply, prices will stabilize and begin to rebound from the lows they hit a couple of weeks ago in the screen shots.

The weekly cattle slaughter, predictably, rose for the fourth consecutive week and stood for the week ended November 10that 43,769 animals, the most since June. He had a weekly gain of 5%, but remained 1.6% lower than the same week in 2011, when it began to affect water shortages. Of all categories, the steers were 24,141, the highest number since last June and 18,859 cows, 43% of the total.

The activity became establishments led Canelones with 4125 heads, second Cledinor in 3073, third in 3041 Tacuarembó; PUL with 2758, and Las Piedras in 2684, to name the top five.
Canelones was the stronger in cows with 2195 head and in steers it was Las Piedras with 1923 steers.

The slaughter of sheep fell by 10.3% and was 39.6551 weekly heads, was 12.7% lower than the same week in 2011. The activity led by the Chiadel establishments with 5425 head, second and third Carrasco with 5037, then San Jacinto with 4941.

Export prices of beef fell and after five weeks were below the USD4000/MT.  For the week ended November 3 stood at USD3774/MT, with an average of the last four weeks fell to USD3963/MT.

The exported volume was 6182MT. The average export price during the last four weeks was 1.3% lower than the same week of 2011