Randall Parker Food Group

The Randall Parker Food Group is an impressive group of companies with an exceptional reputation for quality, experience and choice within meat supply throughout the world.

We are committed to providing the finest meat products to you and your customer and our experience enables us to understand all your requirements.

Randall Parker Food Group

Contact: +44 (0) 151 949 4400 or email us at sales@weddelswift.com

Randall Parker Food Group


Weddel Swift Ltd

Located in the historic shipping port of Liverpool, Weddel Swift’s highly experienced trading team is supported by shipping and logistical departments. Our primary role is that of EU importer but we also trade meat and related food-products globally.

Weddel Swift Trading GmbH

Weddel Swift has been represented in the German market since 1920 and today specialises in supply to restaurants of chilled beef from South America and Australasia.

Weddel Swift South Africa (Pty) Ltd

Weddel Swift has been active in the South African market for over 20 years. Selling locally into Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, Weddel Swift imports and supplies wholesalers, retailers and processors across the region.

Weddel Swift Australia (Pty) Ltd

Weddel Swift Australia manages the procurement of lamb, beef and offal for the UK, EU and international markets from Australia and New Zealand.

Weddel Swift South America

Based in Curitiba Brazil, Weddel Swift provides technical support and procurement expertise for our international businesses. We carry out technical audits on plants as part of our due diligence and our Quality Manager is GlobalGAP and GSFS qualified for farm and plant audits.

Weddel Swift International

Weddel Swift International sources a variety of different foods primarily for the Far Eastern and African markets: meat, fish, edible oils, margarine, dairy, vegetables and textiles. We are proud of our geographical diversity and our ability to secure supplies of anything edible.